Task 28
Task 28
SHC Task 28

Solar Sustainable Housing

Project (Task) Objectives

The goal of this Task was to help participating countries achieve significant market penetration of sustainable solar housing by the year 2010. To help achieve this goal the Task produced the following results:

  • A Task web site that illustrates built projects, exemplary in design, living quality, low energy demand and environmental impact.
  • Documentation sets of Exemplary Sustainable Solar Housing as a basis for local language publications to communicate the experience from built projects to planers.
  • A reference book: Marketable Sustainable Solar Housing: with guidelines, graphs and tables derived from building monitoring, lab testing and computer modeling.
  • Demonstration Buildings with press kits for articles and brochures in local languages to increase the multiplication effect beyond the local region.
  • Workshops after the Task conclusion presenting the results of the Task. 

Leadership and the (Funding Institutions) were:

  • Task 28/38: R. Hasting, AEU GmbH (Swiss Federal Office of Energy)
  • Marketing: P. Erdtsieck & E. Prendergast, moBius consult bv (Senter Novem)
  • Design & Analysis: M. Wall, Lund Tech. University (Swedish Formas) 
    R. Hastings, AEU GmbH (Swiss Federal Office of Energy)
  • Demo. Projects: A. Lien, Enova SF (Enova SF)
  • Monitoring & Eval.: Ch. Russ, Fraunhofer-ISE (Bundesministerium für 
    Wirtschaft und Arbeit)
  • Cooling Group: R. Hyde, The University of Queensland ( University of Queensland & Australian  Research Council)
  • LCA Group: Carsten Petersdorff, Ecofys GmbH (Ministerium für Innovation, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie des Landes NRW im Rahmen der AG Solar NRW)
  • Innovative Components: H. Rostvik, Sunlab/ABB Miljo A/s (Enova SF + Sunlab)